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BIOMOL-NGS. Your Solution for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis.

Let us help you find the meaning of your genome sequencing data!

biomol-informatics develops tools for the fast and accurate analysis of data from large Next Generation Sequencing projects, including whole genome resequencing as well as targeted resequencing of specific regions of known genomes (mainly the human genome, searching for variants associated with genetic diseases or cancer), assembly of de novo sequenced eukaryotic genomes, transcriptome analysis and metagenomic and evolutionary studies. We are also experts in the study of (conservation of) alternative splicing and alternative transcripts in genomes.

biomol-informatics has "in house" high performance computing facilities for the analysis of large NGS data sets. Therefore, biomol-informatics has no need for external computing resources, such as cloud-computing.


  • Human exome: research in human genetic disorders.
  • GENOMA4U: Personal genome sequencing services..
  • Genome analysis and annotation (Human, Mouse, Arabidopsis, etc.).
  • Alternative splicing analysis.
  • Gene expression profiling.
  • De novo genome sequence assembly.
  • Bacterial genomes and Metagenomics.

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  • Sponsor of the XXVII National Congress of the
    "Spanish Association of Human Genetics".
    Madrid 10-12 Apr. 2013

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