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Human Exome Sequencing and Bionformatics Analysis for Researchers.

Complete, dedicated DNA to Sequence-Analysis pipeline. More than 5 years of experience in exome analysis!

Special Offer!

High quality exome

(Sure Select 51Mb, HiSeq 2x100bp, average deep: 100X).

This offer includes:

  • Quality analysis of DNA sample
  • Exome enrichment and sequencing.
  • Advanced bionformatics analysis:
  • Analysis of genetic variants (SNPs, novel variants, indels, etc)
  • Complete report including all found variants
  • Custom report focused on your genes of interest
  • Comparison of variants between affected and unaffected individuals

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Biomol-Informatics specializes in high-quality computational genomic analysis using in house HPC facilities.

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Sponsor of the XXVII National Congress of the
"Spanish Association of Human Genetics".
Madrid 10-12 Apr. 2013

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